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I love robots.


The possibilities are endless, and there are so many different styles, from the massive mech to the mini-bot, the Gundam to the Haro. But I also fell in love with organic shapes in college. I pled my case to my advisor to let me take life drawing for credit just one more semester than was usually allowed, and in that semester, the love for robots and for the organic form came together in a big way.

After I graduated, however, I was baffled. It felt like a kick out of the nest and my art struggled for a while. Projects started and stalled, ideas blossomed and withered, and my creative life felt like that video of the cat that tries to jump, but then their back feet slip out from under them and they splat into a wall or something (seriously, there’s a million of those videos- I binge watch them when I need to feel like I’m really doing pretty ok).

Enter Pokémon...


What’s up? Laney V here, artist, and owner of LV.23 Studios.


Welcome to the site! Before we dive into the art, here’s a little about me:


Native Texan, born and raised, with a 3 year stint in San Diego right after graduating with a BFA from the University of Texas Arlington in 2013.


Founded LV.23 Studios in early 2017, when my persistent (i.e. fire-breathing) support system finally encouraged (i.e. hassled) me to launch my art into the world. Other than the “Lost Year” (here's looking at you, 2020), I’ve been stampeding all over Texas since, with ink-stained fingers, a dream, and a very heavy box of art.

I’m not sure where this journey will take me, and maybe that’s part of the mystique, but all I know is I never got to Comic Con while I was in San Diego. I always wanted to attend, and I plan to one day… but now I want to see it from across an artist table.


I’ve alway been a Poké-fan. My 7th birthday I received my first pack of Pokémon cards. Base set. I pulled a holographic Raichu and was done for.


A flurry of handheld consoles, cards, midnight releases, movies, and gatherings later, and here I was wondering what to do with myself art-wise. With my love of robots. And the organic form. And Pokémon.

So there you have it.


Each robo-mon is designed with love, electricity, bolts, and a touch of mania. Stay tuned for many… many more to come!

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