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About Lv. 23 Studios


Laney V hails from Fort Worth, TX and is mighty glad of it. She is a self-proclaimed macro-geek, and digs anime, video games of all sorts, and sci-fi/fantasy. She is in the process of acquiring an EC-12 Art teaching certification, and is starting up her own private art lessons, much to the chagrin of her two cats, Yoshi and Nox, and to the joy of her bug-bear boyfriend. Japanese snacks are her Kryptonite, and All Might is her spirit guide. Bless.

Tanesa (like Cher or Madonna) chooses to have but one name, as she feels it'll be easier to remember when she's famous *hair toss*

Just kidding. But she does have a passion for all things Ghibli, a fierce attachment to Aizawa and Hank from Detroit Become Human, and some FIRE lino block carvings. You can also check her out at

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